Al Cinamon, 53rd Year in Driver Ed

Quality Driving Instruction Since 1965 6-Hr Defensive Driving Classes 5-Hr Pre-Licensing Classes


I am elated that I took this class because now I'm aware of things I didn't fully understand on the road.


  This is the only 6 hour class that I did not fall asleep because the professor kept me so engaged.




 When people speak with passion they speak with conviction.   And when

people speak with conviction, people listen.  Mr. Cinamon's passion

saturates the air making it contagious. He should take his passion to

Congress and make history by changing the system.  These are life and

death issues.


"I recently attended a class @ Rivera's driving school. You thoroughly

aggravated me.  Your method didn't appeal to my learning style(or so I

thought). But the more I think about the passion and the conviction you

relayed in your words, the more I come to the realization that it was

just what I needed. Thanks Al.” 


  This course has changed the way I look at driving. The instructor was

excellent.  I came here for the point reduction and insurance discount but

got a lot more than I expected.  Al made a big impression on me and I will

change my driving habits.


"To think I was ordered by the courts to take this class.  Who knew it

would be an enlightening experience.  It was evident very early on that

you knew your stuff and how to work the room.  I am glad that the other

class in Westchester canceled on me because I'm sure I never would

have enjoyed myself as much. Thank you again for a  great class.  You

have strongly influenced my driving style.  I will utilize all your tips to

become a safe driver."


Al Cinamon's voice will stay in my head.  His style is engaging. He is an

effective, passionate instructor who teaches well and thoroughly.



 From start to finish it was flawless.  I am leaving an improved driver.


He is the best instructor I have had in my 32 years of driving.


  Mr. Cinamon is a true professional; not only knows his material and the law but

knows the psychology of driving habits and has a very effective way to

present driving safety.


I think Al was right on.  In 18 months I will take the class, just to hear Al speak again.

He has changed my thoughts and views on driving.  I will no longer be a "mover."


"You made the hours fly by."


This is a life-saving course.  It will certainly make me a better driver."


"I’ve been through college and grad school.  I can’t remember any class that held

my attention better than Al’s class."


"This is the best defensive class on safety I ever attended.  Very helpful."


"I was never bored.  That's really doing something."


"Instructor has an important message that all of us 'car movers' should hear."


"I'm glad I got the speeding ticket and came to this course.  Otherwise it might have

been too late."


"When I came to class I thought I was a good driver.  Now I'm not so sure.  I will

have to change a few things."


"Al should be cloned to teach all drivers."


"I will now be a 'driver' instead of a 'mover'."





Classes are always subject ot cancellation so please confirm by calling 917-859-4150.

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