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Thank you for your interest in Al Cinamon's driving classes.
 Al has authored a book entitled,
"What You Don't Know About Driving
Can Get You Killed"
It is now available for purchase at:
Al conducted classes at the Hyatt Hotel in the  Cross County Shopping in Yonkers for the employees of the Center.
Al Cinamon has been providing quality driving instruction since 1965. 
He teaches the New York State DMV approved Point and Insurance Reduction program at SafeCruz Driving School in Mt. Vernon.
He teaches the Pre-Licensing Class that is mandated by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles at SafeCruz Driving School and Plates & Licenses Driving Schools, both in Mt. Vernon.  He also teaches at Golden Crown Driving School in White Plains.

Al teaches the Instructor's 30  hour course at Bronx Community College.
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Accidents or Crashes? spells out Mr. Cinamon's philosophy.  It is one that people can live by.
Driver or Mover? provides a quiz to help you learn the difference between driving a car and moving a car.
Videos-provide graphic images of problems on our roads.  You are provided an opportunity to comment on the videos.

Al Cinamon attended the NY City Council's first-ever hearing on the NYPD's enforcement and crash investigation procedures, and had the opportunity to address the Council.  You can read his remarks in the "Hit Parade" section.

The Move Over Act, a New York State law requiring drivers to slow down and change lanes when passing emergency vehicles, goes into effect on New Year?s Day.

The goal is to protect law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMTs when they are stopped along roadways while performing their duties. Under the law, drivers must reduce their speed and move from the lane immediately adjacent to stopped emergency vehicles when emergency lights are flashing.

Violations are punishable by a fine of up to $275 and two points on the driver?s license record. The exception to the law is if traffic or road hazards prevent a driver from safely changing lanes.

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                      Phone:  917-859-4150

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Classes are always subject ot cancellation so please confirm by calling 917-859-4150.

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