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DMV Scandal: Online Defensive Driving Classes Renewed Based on Fraud!


      Outrageous!  That’s the way it was described by Bill Bonds,  President of the Empire Safety Council, at a hearing in Albany of the Joint Budget Committee.  Mr. Bonds testified that the Internet Point/Insurance Reduction Program (I-PIRP) was being renewed for another five years even though the legislature did not authorize such a renewal.

      When the law created the online program, it was supposed to be a pilot project and its renewal was to be based on studies of its effectiveness.


     Well, the DMV presented a document to the legislature showing that the University of Albany did a study which proved its effectiveness.  The problem is that the University never did such a study.  The University got paid for doing the study but never did the study.

    In fact, the DMV presented its own study claiming it was done by the University of Albany.  Furthermore, no authorship was attached to the study.  It was created by a ghost writer who gave no scientific or reliable

    Mr. Bonds pointed out to the committee that the legislature approved renewal based on a study that did not meet professional research standards.  Moreover, he said, that it is outrageous that the DMV is renewing I-PIRP based on a fraudulent and flawed study coupled with failed User/Identity safeguard.


      The lack of such measures allows any-one to take the course for anyone else.  Tragically, these studies by deceptive authors are knowingly using invalid methods to perpetuate and promote a state sponsored program being held out to the public as improving their driving skills and justifying insurance and point reduction benefits when there is no credible evidence that such is the case.

     It must be noted that student fees bring in revenues of three million dollars and that is the problem.  It’s always about the money.  At the bottom of each bill there is a section entitled “fiscal impact.”  Why no section dealing with safety impact?







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