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A "driver" is a motorist who recognizes the power of the automobile and moves it in a responsible manner, according to the rules of the road, so that no other motorist or pedestrian is in danger from such movement.  Are you a driver?  Do you know the rules of the road and respect them?  If not, then you are just a mover, not a driver!

Read the following statements and answer True or False.

1- A green light gives you the right-of-way.  T or F

2- When planning to turn, you need to signal for 10 to 50 feet before turning.  T or F?

3- The basic speed law says you cannot go more than 10 miles over the speed limit.  T or F?

4- A flashing red-light means you should stop and only proceed if it's safe, since the light is obviously broken. T or F?

5- Speed limits tell us what speed to drive at when conditions are ideal. T or F?

6- Blowing your horn is a good way for you to avoid crashing.  T or F?

7- When a left-turner is facing a green arrow, the left-turner has the right-of-way. T or F?

8- When a car is attempting to pass you, you will not be able to see it when it enters the blind spot. T or F?

9- Pedestrians always have the right-of-way.  T or F?

10- On a wide street, like the Grand Concourse where lanes are separated by medians, it would be wrong and dangerous to stop for a school bus that has its upper red-lights flashing  if it is on the opposite side of the road. T or F?

The foregoing statements are actual responses given by students to questions posed in my Defensive Driving Course on the respective topics.  Did you think any of them were true?  The fact is they are all false.  Yet, these students think of themselves as drivers only because they know where the gas pedal is and they know how to press it to make the car move.  Sadly, they also think that the harder you can press the pedal and the faster you can make the car move, the better a driver you are.

Anybody can move a car.  It takes knowledge, skill and the right attitude to "drive" a car.  Learn the rules, drive by the rules, respect others on the road and then you will deserve the title, "driver."


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