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Pre-requisites and Benefits of the 5-hour Class

The 5-hour Pre-Licensing Class is mandated by New York State. You must possess a NY State Learner's Permit to attend this class.  Upon satisfactory completion, you will be issued a certificate, which will enable you to schedule a Road Test.


During the class you will learn safe driving practices.  Basic rules of the road will be reviewed and defensive driving techniques will be discussed. In general, you will gain an appreciation for the enormous responsibility of driving a motor vehicle.

Pre-requisites and Benefits of the PIRP

The 6-hour Point/Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) is a voluntary defensive driving course made available by New York State to any one with or without a license.  If licensed, it can be current, expired, suspended or even revoked.  Permit holders can also avail themselves of this course.  Persons with out-of-state licenses are also welcomed.

The course is given in one full 6-hour session (in the Bronx) and two 3-hour sessions (in New Rochelle).

Course content includes basic rules of the road that you may have forgotten or never knew, and an update on new laws in the state.  Defensive driving techniques will be discussed as well as emergency driving techniques.  In general, your knowledge about and attitude toward driving will be enhanced. (Please see what students who have taken the course have to say about it by clicking on "Testimonials").

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, a certificate will be mailed to you within 6 to 8 weeks, and if you are the principal operator of a motor vehicle, you can present it to any insurance company doing business in New York State for a 10% discount on your liability and collision premiums each year for three years.  The certificate must be presented within 90 days of completion of the course for it to be retroactive to the date of the class.

Motorists who have violation points on their driving record will have up to four points reduced. Empire Safety Council will notify the DMV of your satisfactory completion and no action on your part is necessary.

Out-of-state motorists who have received tickets in New York State must present a NY State Client ID number in order for the DMV to be notified of your attendance.

This course satisfies the requirements of the NY State Taxi and Limousine Commission for an original or renewal of a taxi or limo license.

This course can be conducted on the premises of small or large business firms at a special, low business rate.


About Al Cinamon

Al Cinamon is a native New Yorker.  He is college trained in Driver Education holding a Bachelor of Science Degree (cum laude) from Long Island University and Graduate Certificates from NY Community College.

 In 2015, Mr. Cinamon celebrated his 50th  year in driver education, having taught thousands of people how to drive.  Since 1969, he has been teaching safe driving practices in the state's mandatory Pre-Licensing (5-hour) Class.  Currently he teaches at Rivera's Auto School in the Bronx. 

 For more than twenty years, Al has been using his expertise in the NY State Point and Insurance Reduction Program under the sponsorship of the Empire Safety Council.  Having conducted seminars for the employees of General Motors, NY State Health Department, Montefiore Hospital and the Paraco Gas Company, Empire elevated Al to Chief Instructor status and, in 2004, profiled him as their "Outstanding Agent" in their Quarterly Review. He currently teaches the 6-Hour class in the Bronx at the Rivera Auto School.

In January of 2004, Mr. Cinamon was interviewed on Bronx Cablevision (Ch 12) about how the motoring public can save money on their auto insurance by attending the type of Defensive Driving class that he teaches.


Mr. Cinamon quite often, writes letters to newspaper and magazine editors on traffic related topics.  Quite often, they print his letters.  Three such letters appear below:


  A letter regarding left turns that Mr. Cinamon wrote to the editor of the AAA magazine,  Car and Travel, appeared on page 2 of the June 2009 issue

 Re: “The Riskiest Driving Maneuver You Make” [March]: I totally agree that left turns are dangerous.  As the chief instructor for the Empire Safety Council, I’ve been saying that for many years in my Defensive Driving classes.  However, while the Four Ps (Prepare, Position, Patience and Plan) are important, the article should have focused on the Big R—Right of Way.  After all, what is a crash?  It’s two vehicles trying to occupy the same spot at the same time.  That’s why we have right of way rules.

Most drivers erroneously believe that the car going straight (in the left-turn situation) has the “right-of-way.”  Actually, the law says that the driver turning left is required to “yield the right-of-way.”  The bottom line is, the left turner should be prepared to yield, and the driver going straight should be prepared to cover the brake and stop if the left-turner doesn’t yield.

The author also makes a large mistake when he suggests that a left-turner should “pull to the center of the intersection” to wait to make a left turn.  The law doesn’t say that either.  The law says to wait near (before) the center of the intersection.  Consider if two drivers from opposite directions, wanted to make a left turn, and they both were to go to the exact center of the intersection; they would collide.



A letter regarding speed limits that Mr. Cinamon wrote to the editor of the AAA magazine,  Car and Travel, appeared on page 6 of the Mar 2013 issue

 With regard to the article written by John Owens, may I point out something about speed limits that I think most drivers don't understand?  Most drivers think that the number posted on the speed limit sign is the speed of the roadway.  If the sign says 55 mph,then we are all expected to do 55 mph...or more (since cops allow you 5 or 10 miles over the limit, don't they?).

The truth is that speed limits do not tell us what speed to drive at.  Speed limits do not tell us what the safe speed is.  Speed limits do not suggest or recommend the speed a driver should be going.

The speed limit is just that...the limit, the maximum.  On highways there is a minimum speed law, which is 15 mph below the maximum.  So, borrowing John's words, I don't apologize for driving below the speed limit.  I don't have to rush just because the guy behind me is in a hurry.  I'm not out there  to make anybody happy.  I'm out there to drive my car in a lawful, responsible and safe manner.



A letter by Mr. Cinamon wherein he takes the side of the trees on Pelham Parkway was printed in the NY Daily News, Voice of the People:

 The District Leader said that trees on Pelham Parkway have to be cut down because they come "right out into the street."   Well, I've driven on Pelham Parkway for over 40 years and I have never, ever seen a tree come out into the street.  The truth is that there are lots of bad drivers and they should be removed, not the trees.


Classes are always subject ot cancellation so please confirm by calling 917-859-4150.

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